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How to choose the right size for my range hood? Please obtain the correct size before ordering.

How to choose the right size for my range hood? Please obtain the correct size before ordering.

When purchasing a range hood, you need to make correct measurements before placing an order. How do you choose the right size for your range hood? Hood measurement is divided into three main parts, including width, depth and height. These measurements are listed in the following order: L" x W "x H, which can be found on each coppersmith jingle product page.

To determine the appropriate width of the range hood:

Measure the width of the cooking table and the available space between cabinets, if applicable.

Match the width of your hood to the width of the cooktop to find the basic size.

These steps ensure that all your burners will be covered when the hood is running. The width of the range hood usually matches the width of the cooking surface. If you have a room, or simply look like a wider hood, we suggest adding 3 inches on each side to create a larger capture area for air pollutants. You can add another 6 inches to the width of the hood.

Choosing the right height is equally important. It will ensure that your hood looks great and will make the best use of your space. Your range hood height describes the distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the range hood. When choosing the height, it is important to consider where the bottom of your hood will be when it is connected to the ceiling or cabinet. The space between the bottom of your cooktop and the bottom of your hood should be between 30-36 inches.

When selecting the height, consider the following factors:

When your hood is connected to the ceiling or cabinet, where will its base be located?

Leave 30-36 degrees between the bottom of the cooktop and the bottom of the hood.

If you want your hood to extend all the way to the ceiling, you can follow the following basic formula to determine the height of your hood:

Ceiling Height (Negative) Table Height (Negative) 36 inches = Hood Height

You can use the same formula to calculate the height of the island installation cover, which requires the same space between the cooktops, but connected from the ceiling. The island cover can be hung freely and is not connected with cabinets or walls. It is usually located in the center of the kitchen and on the island side of cooking or preparation.

Please note that we do not recommend hanging any range hood over the stove above 36 inches, as hanging above the recommended height may affect the function of the range hood and the warranty of the motor.

CFM is also a factor in selecting the appropriate head cover height. Choosing a more powerful plug-in allows you to hang the hood at the maximum height while still capturing the maximum smoke and grease during cooking. It is important to discuss CFM with your certified contractor or HVAC expert to verify that your hood complies with local regulations. Our coppersmith design team can also help you answer questions about CFM and is willing to answer any questions you may have.

Depth is also a very important measure for your hood. The ideal head cover depth should completely cover all burners, all rear burners and at least half front burners. The depth should be about 2'-3 inches less than the depth of the cooking surface to ensure that the cooking will not hit the head.

To determine the appropriate depth of range hood:

Measure the depth of the cooking surface

Subtract 2-3 inches

Contact Kitchenexus immediately for help in choosing the perfect copper range hood.

If you have difficulty in deciding the proper width, height and depth of the range hood, Kitchenexus can help. Just send us an email in service@kitchenexus.com to provide us with the size of your range, ceiling height and table depth, as well as the type of copper range hood you are interested in. Kitchenexus experts will review these measurements and help you reduce the appropriate size of the project.

No matter what style you like, Kitchenexus can create what you want! We offer a variety of styles and designs, such as Kitchenexus under cabinet range hood, as well as customized options according to your requirements.

Take a moment to review our range hood options and contact us online in service@kitchenexus.com.