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What is a range hood? Do I really need it?

What is a range hood? Do I really need it?

Do you have any doubts about buying a new range hood? Here are some benefits and types of range hoods that you can buy to keep kitchen smokers free.

Do you often prepare food that produces a lot of smoke? Worried about the smoke on your kitchen wall? If so, then you need to install a range hood in your kitchen, which can protect your kitchen from any cooking disaster and add a little class at the same time.

This kind of kitchen equipment can also effectively take away the heat from fat and steam during cooking. According to size, material, design and type, there are many types of range hoods on the market, which may make it difficult for you to choose the right range hood.

In addition to the design and layout, you must also consider the function of the range hood, which is why you must have a proper understanding of the different types of range hoods available in the market.

In this article, we will discuss the functions of range hoods and the types of range hoods available in the market, so that you can better choose the products suitable for you.

What is a range hood?

First of all, you need to know the purpose and purpose of the range hood and how it actually works. You will find that a range hood has several other names, but its most common name is fume hood. Ideally, it is a fan, stored in a lampshade, which is placed on top of your stove to collect the heat and smoke emitted by the stove.

It is usually designed to collect heat, smoke, smoke, smell, etc. The range usually formed during cooking. This is usually important for those who use filtration systems to recover indoor air and wish to breathe clean disease-free air.

Four Essential Reasons of Range Hood

The following are some important functions or benefits of using a range hood, which is a necessary kitchen equipment for families.

Purifying air

The most important function of the range hood is that it helps to remove toxic gases and smells from the kitchen.

Sometimes, when you cook, you will produce a lot of steam, fat and smoke. If you inhale directly, it will be dangerous to your health. The range hood will ensure that all these harmful substances are trapped in its canopy and leave you clean breathing air to work.

Additional kitchen lighting

With the help of a range hood, you can also get some extra lighting to record your recipes and look at your stove correctly. This is very useful for cooking and cleaning. It can ensure that you can accomplish these two tasks well.

When cooking, it can help you cook correctly and prevent any chaos or burning. When cleaning, you can remove particles that could not be seen originally. It can also help you save electricity because you can cook or clean your stove by turning on the hood light.

Capture excessive heat

Another main function of the range hood is that it helps to eliminate excessive heat generated during cooking. This allows you to cook for a long time and not sweat too much when focusing on recipes.

Since the range hood includes a built-in fan blower, it can absorb excess heat, which is then discharged through the vent to help you keep the kitchen cooler.

Comfortable cooking

In addition, once you install a range hood, you will find cooking very enjoyable and simple. It will create a clean kitchen environment for you, because there is no bad smell and smoke, you can stay in the kitchen for more time when you need it.

You can also try new recipes without worrying about burning or generating unpleasant smells in the kitchen, which will encourage your kitchen creativity.

What types of range hoods can you buy?

According to function and installation location, there are mainly 4 kinds of range hoods on the market.

Range hood under cabinet

The range hood under the cabinet is the most commonly used type, and there are several compact sizes to choose from. You can fix it under the cabinet or install it on the wall to control cooking smoke according to the layout of the kitchen.

Ideally, people will install the range hood under the cabinet, which is directly located at the top of the stove to achieve maximum efficiency. The design of this ventilation system is very simple and can be matched with any kitchen style, so you don't have to worry about damaging your kitchen decoration.

The pipe system of the range hood is usually installed above the cabinet through the range hood or behind the range hood through the external wall. This usually reduces the storage space in cabinets, but is effective in separating wall space. In addition, because its design is too simple, it is easy to install and does not need a bomb like other types of range hoods.

Wall mounted range hood

Wall-mounted range hood is a new type of range hood which is popular in families and helps to protect kitchen space. This range hood is usually installed on the wall directly above the stove. It is very famous in kitchens without cabinets above the stove.

If you have a cabinet but still want to install the hood, you need to remove the cabinet, install the hood, and then put it back into the cabinet. They usually include a chimney that is truly effectively ventilated and usually discharges smoke through the outer wall behind the hood.

Although the cabinet is not suitable for a beautiful kitchen appearance, the wall-mounted range hood is different. They can be the main design focus of the kitchen and add unique attraction to the kitchen according to the style and materials you use. Therefore, this type of range hood is often a little expensive, but it is the best choice for those who want the kitchen to look beautiful and spacious.

Ceiling mounted or island range hood

If you have a stove installed on the island of the kitchen or not against the wall, then you need to check the stove cover installed on the island. The lampshade of this range hood is larger than that of the stove so as to suck all the smoke directly into the chimney.

This is important because unlike under-cabinet or wall-mounted range hoods, you do not have the help of walls or cabinets to guide the flow of smoke inside the range hoods. If you have a huge professional cooktop, you can install a ceiling-mounted range hood that can handle cookstoves with additional cooking tools and burners.

Similar to the wall-mounted range hood, this range hood can bring aesthetic feeling to your kitchen and has a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. You will find many amazing designs of materials, such as glass, ceramics, copper, etc. In addition, you can choose to install the range hood slightly higher to prevent blocking the view of the kitchen.

Pull-down ventilation range hood

Although this is not an ideal range hood, it cannot be called a range hood because it is not installed at the top of the stove.

This type of range hood is actually stored and hidden in the cooking space until you need it to suck steam and smoke away from your cooking surface. This type of range hood can be installed on the kitchen island or table behind and beside the stove without any piping system.

This is a good choice for those who don't have much kitchen space at home or have a stove installed on the kitchen island or against the kitchen wall. The downward ventilation design will not hinder ventilation and is suitable for various kitchen appearances, making it a multifunctional range hood.


When you start the process of kitchen renovation, it is very important to choose the right range hood to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. Choosing the right range hood can not only make your cooking interesting, but also ensure that you don't have to go through the renovation process within a few hours.

Therefore, before making a reliable choice, make sure you choose the right range hood for yourself and consider other important factors. Believe me, a small change in your kitchen can bring about a great change in the function and appearance of your kitchen space.