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Why do you want to buy a range hood with a baffle filter?

Why do you want to buy a range hood with baffle filter?

At present, there are three types of range hood filters (screen filter/baffle filter/charcoal filter) on the market. As a customer, you may confuse which type of filter you should choose. At the end of this article, I will explain in detail why you should buy a range hood with baffle filter.

Aesthetic attraction:

Generally speaking, if you decide to buy a stainless steel range hood, you will want every part of it to match the metal appearance. Baffle filters usually consist of multiple curved stainless steel panels, which is what they do to make your entire product more attractive.


Baffle filters are usually made of aluminum/stainless steel/mild steel and are more durable than other types of filters. Compared with mesh filter, it is not easy to bend. If compared with charcoal filter, it is also reusable.

More air flow:

The gap between each metal plate provides better airflow, which will lead to better performance. Compared with the screen filter, the baffle filter is less likely to be blocked by grease, so the exhaust capacity can be maintained for a long time.

Easy to clean:

Because the baffle filter is not easily blocked by cooking grease, you do not need to clean it as frequently as the filter screen filter. In addition, thicker and stronger materials can withstand the washing of the dishwasher.

Therefore, when purchasing a range hood, you should consider the beauty, durability, performance and maintenance and choose a range hood with baffle filter.